Prisoners Are Finding Purpose–and Rehabilitation–By Caring for Lambs for Drought-Stricken Farmers

Photo by Cooma Correctional Service

Drought-stricken farmers in Australian are receiving some greatly-needed assistance thanks to a bewe-tiful new form of prisoner rehabilitation.

Inmates at the Cooma Correctional Center in the Snowy Monaro region of New South Wales have been caring for newborn lambs as a means of helping local farmers during the dry season, according to ABC News.

Farmers who may need a hand with their baby livestock can contact the prison and arrange for their lambs to stay at the facility. Once the lambs are dropped off at the prison’s indoor livestock pen, the inmates can then provide round-the-clock care for the duration of the lambs’ eight-week adolescence.

Not only does the program help support struggling local farmers, it is also a therapeutic method for teaching valuable job skills and agriculture training to the inmates.

“It’s made me a bit more kind-hearted and gentle,” one of the prisoners told ABC News. “Who doesn’t love a baby lamb? I just love them.”

Since the program has grown more and more successful, the inmates and correctional officers are currently building additional pens to accommodate the increasing amount of resident lambs. Additionally, community members have been donating blankets, feeding bottles, and lamb food to help care for the critters.

Photo by Cooma Correctional Service

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