Side Hustles for These Times

Leverage your specialized knowledge to earn money and build up your skills.

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Peter Voogd describes several ideas for entrepreneurs looking to make extra money and improve their skillset. These include:

  • Connecting product sellers to receptive audiences with referrals and drop-shipping in which manufacturers shop directly to customers
  • Managing accounts for small businesses
  • Selling health and fitness services online (facilitating home workouts, for example)
  • Selling services that cater to health-focused people with limited access to specialty meals
  • Making how-to and tutorial videos on with upsells for products or premium offerings
  • Selling companies your professional expertise such as the ability to close deals

Voogd suggests pursuing side hustles that complement your strengths and will keep you engaged rather than trying to earn money doing what you love right now. Delivering value and providing your customers confidence during the pandemic will reward you ten times over in the , according to Voogd.

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