Where to go in Australia to Study

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study-in-australiaAustralia is one of the best places to study as well as a great place to live in. The country has an ideal mix of globally-recognized universities and a great quality of life. It offers quality education, value for money, and the safest and best lifestyle anywhere else in the world.

Australia ranks 5th as the World’s Most Popular Study Destinations per Study International. Two of its cities, Melbourne and Sydney, are also in the top ten list of the QS best student city ranking.

In addition to Melbourne and Sydney, other cities in Australia are also favorite destinations of international students. Students who are desirous to study in Australia can avail of the services of agencies specializing in student placement to learn more about which universities or cities would best suit their requirements. In the meantime, lets look at the qualities of five Australian cities that make them a great choice for international students.

  • Sydney

Sydney ranked fourth in the 2014 QS best student city ranking, besting Melbourne which ranked number 5. It scored highest in the Quality of Living criteria and gained good marks in almost all criteria save on Affordability. Five of Australia’s best universities are based in Sydney. It has almost 50,000 overseas students, representing 22% of its university student population of 230,000. Sydney, however, has one drawback, its high cost of living. It is considered the most expensive city in Australia.

  • Melbourne

Melbourne used to occupy the place of Sydney (4th) in the QS ranking, but for this year it slid down to number 5. However, by Australian standard, Melbourne is considered the country’s prime city for international students. The Unversity of Melbourne is ranked 34th in the 2013-14 World University Rankings. Of the 270,000 university students in the city, one third or 91,000 of them are international students. It boasts of eight universities, giving students more options in their education choices. The city offers a great quality of life, and in fact is considered the most livable city in Australia because of its fine weather, excellent public transport, and rich cultural and entertainment life.

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  • Perth

Perth is only less than half the size of Melbourne but it is home to four universities giving students a wide range of educational choices. In addition, on the average, universities in Perth rank higher in quality than the universities in Melbourne. One third of its university student population is also made up of international students. Like Sydney, one disadvantage of Perth is its high cost of living.

  • Adelaide

The average quality of the three universities in Adelaide is considered the best by Australian standards. Twenty seven per cent of its university students are from overseas. The city is an ideal place for students to live in being the “perfect host city” as per description of the Lonely Planet. Cost of accommodation in the city is quite cheap and the city is easy to navigate. It is bounded by beaches to the west and rolling hills to the east that are only less than an hour drive away from the city center.

  • Brisbane

Brisbane is Australia’s 2nd cheapest city to live in next to Adelaide which is a big inducement to international students on a tight budget. The choices, however, that the city offers when it comes to areas of study as well as universities and educational institution are not limited. Brisbane has several universities and academies offering a wide range of choices when it comes to fields of study. The quality of the universities in the city are considered above average.

Even the smaller cities in Australia such as Wollongong, Canberra, Darwin and Hobart are also great places to study.