What went down at the HUM TV Awards this year

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What -went -down- at- the- HUM -TV- Awards -this -year


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Over the course of some days an oversized amount of terribly well-favoured, sunglasses-wearing Pakistanis trickled steady into port.

These stunning one man were the Pakistani movie and television industry’s superstars and port was the chosen venue for the third annual Hum TV Awards.

Held at the port World Trade Center, the third annual awards mark the basic time HUM TV has command its ceremony outside Islamic Republic of Pakistan. With performances by Saba Qamar,Syra and Shehroze Sabzwari Ahsan Khan, , Sunidhi Chauhan, Mehwish Hayat and a lot of, the event command the promise of being a true person, that it consummated.
The show started later than expected, around 10:30 pm and it went on until nearly 3:00 am. it absolutely was well unionised, with solely some moments wherever somebody would walk on to the stage a little late, or a electro-acoustic transducer would finish off for some seconds. Once the show began, it ran swimmingly.