Australia reel in another big Indian total to take out ODI series – as it happened

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11.13am GMT

There was something a bit inevitable about all that

A far better game than the last few, for sure, but you always got the sense that Australia would reel that total in with ease. Glenn Maxwell fused all of his best traits to spearhead that chase with 96, while Shaun Marsh (62), Steve Smith (41) and James Faulkner (a handy 21 not out at the end) all played their role. India shouldn’t be disheartened by their bowling effort, with Ishant, Yadav and Jadeja all doing their level best, but again they’ve been caught out short of runs.

Thanks for joining myself and Geoff tonight and we’ll see you for a little more live OBO action yet to close out the Australian international summer.

11.04am GMT

Australia win by three wickets!

Australia 296-7 (Faulkner 21, Hastings 0) defeat India by three wickets

Faulkner gets the single to get the Aussies home and again they’ve reeled in a big total! India cannot buy a win and with this, Australia take the series out 3-0

11.02am GMT

WICKET! Maxwell c Dhawan b Yadav 96 (Australia 295-7)

Maxwell departs with one run to get and a four needed for his ton! That’s a shame, but he’s played a hell of a hand here to get his side home. Earlier in the Umesh Yadav over he thumped a resounding six over long-on and then flogged four over point to set up the perfect scenario: one to win for the side, four for his own century. He tries to smash it over long-off but skies it to Dhawan. Ah well.

10.58am GMT

48th over: Australia 285-6 (Maxwell 86, Faulkner 20)

Ravi Jadeja’s certainly not throwing in the towel here but the Australian pair is playing him with far more comfort now and tally up 5 runs in this over to edge closer to success. Maxwell’s on for a hundred with a little bit of luck and a lusty swipe or three.

10.55am GMT

47th over: Australia 280-6 (Maxwell 84, Faulkner 18)

Oh dear. Ishant’s been pretty good tonight but you can’t spear one onto Glenn Maxwell’s hip and not expect to be glanced for four. That and a single are the start to this over and there’s also a few twos to Faulkner, who is playing a muted but valuable little hand here. 16 from 18 for the Aussies. Piece of cake.

Australia’s Glenn Maxwell has been superb in the third one-day international against India.
Australia’s Glenn Maxwell has been superb in the third one-day international against India. Photograph: Hamish Blair/Reuters

10.50am GMT

46th over: Australia 271-6 (Maxwell 79, Faulkner 14)

Poor Ravi Jadeja. He’s ripped one a mile here and taken James Faulkner’s edge but without a slip or third man in place it runs away for four. There’s better to come after Faulkner’s single because Maxwell skips down the wicket and plays a lovely inside-out lofted drive over cover to pick up another boundary. Maxwell eases a single to mid-on to finish the over and retain strike. 25 off 24 now. Regulation stuff for these two.

10.46am GMT

45th over: Australia 261-6 (Maxwell 74, Faulkner 9)

Ishant appears again now and after a single to each batsman he catches Maxwell by surprise with a little extra gas when the Victorian is looking to carve him through cover. Next up is far weirder: Maxwell turns one to Yadav at square leg and runs but the big paceman refuses to throw at the stumps fearing overthrows. Will he live to regret not chancing his arm? He only had one stump to aim at but Maxwell is the guy they need! Anyway, 35 from 30 is the equation for Australia.

Crowd update: 47,638 in the house tonight. Unders?

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44th over: Australia 257-6 (Maxwell 72, Faulkner 7)

It’s real cat and mouse stuff now between Jadeja and the batting pair. Well, giant cricket-playing cats and mice anyway. The Australians are happy to chip around safely to take 5 from the over. They’ll attack at the other end.

10.38am GMT

43rd over: Australia 252-6 (Maxwell 68, Faulkner 6)

Yadav’s probably gotta ‘go’ here, if the Aussie pair is serious about reducing the work in the last few overs. Easier said than done though, especially when he’s cutting you in half like he does to Faulkner with the first delivery of this over. Faulkner gets off strike and then Maxwell does his thing very well, disdainfully swatting the paceman for six over long-off and then clubbing a no-ball-full-toss in the same direction for four. Free hit! Maxwell gives himself room and cracks it at extra cover but Kohli pulls off a wonderful save. With 15 from the over Australia now need 44 from 42 deliveries. Easy right?

10.33am GMT

42nd over: Australia 235-6 (Maxwell 55, Faulkner 5)

Ravi Jadeja is back now, which I can’t help but feel spells trouble for Australia, but they do well enough in this over to squirrel away some singles and keep moving.

Glenn Maxwell acknowledges the crowd after bringing up his half-century earlier.
Glenn Maxwell acknowledges the crowd after bringing up his half-century earlier. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

10.30am GMT

41st over: Australia 232-6 (Maxwell 53, Faulkner 2)

For now James Faulkner is content to turn the strike and let his better-set teammate go to work but Maxwell can’t get much happening against Yadav and compounds the lack of scoring by copping one to right to the groin from the final delivery of the over. Ouchie.

Clive Rice update:

10.25am GMT

Maxwell brings up his half-century!

40th over: Australia 231-6 (Maxwell 53, Faulkner 1)

Maxwell decides it’s time to toy with Sran a little and after flogging a halt-tracker for four wide of cover he’s sticking out his back leg as the bowler runs in for his next delivery in an attempt to throw him off his line. That doesn’t entirely work but a few balls later Maxwell cannons the left-armer over cover with a controlled slog to bring up his 50 from as many deliveries. He would have had four more with a rasping pull if not for some electric fielding by Jadeja at square leg.

10.20am GMT

39th over: Australia 218-6 (Maxwell 41, Faulkner 1)

Maxwell eases a single down to third man to put the new man Faulkner on strike and the latter almost perishes immediately when he chops one towards his stumps. Instead it bounces away for a quick single. Ishant Sharma is putting in a real shift here, cutting it in towards the pads and searching for another breakthrough. He looked like a chump in his first spell. Now he’s a man possessed.

10.16am GMT

WICKET! Wade c S Dhawan b Ishant 6 (Australia 215-6)

Wade loses his head and with that, is wicket! There goes Bill Lawry’s partnership… The keeper gets a short one from Ishant and looks to cross-bat it out towards cow but instead sends a top edge looping innocuously to Dhawan in the ring at mid-on. There was no real need for that and Wade’s on his way.

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10.14am GMT

38th over: Australia 215-5 (Maxwell 39, Wade 6)

Re that call on Australia’s batting depth, James ‘The Finisher’ Faulkner is still to come and also John Hastings, who is certainly no mug with the willow in his hand. Australia would be backing themselves to win this. There’s five singles in this Sran over and Bill Lawry marvels at this partnership that’s developing between two Victorians. They’ve put on 11 so far. Australia need 81 from 72 deliveries.

Glenn Maxwell has batted with maturity and finesse so far in the Australian chase.
Glenn Maxwell has batted with maturity and finesse so far in the Australian chase. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

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10.09am GMT

37th over: Australia 210-5 (Maxwell 37, Wade 3)

India’s fielding has really lifted a notch in the last ten overs and now Jadeja throws down the stumps when Maxwell takes a quick single but the Aussie is too fast for him on this occasion. Ishant’s the bowler this time and he’s only giving up singles for now.

10.04am GMT

36th over: Australia 206-5 (Maxwell 35, Wade 1)

Matthew Wade’s the new man at the crease for Australia and as far as number 7s go, he’s pretty handy. But that was an excellent over for India, who wriggled out Marsh in a manner they couldn’t have expected and restricted runs as well.

9.58am GMT

WICKET! M Marsh run out (Yadav) 17 (Australia 204-5)

Some sloppy running spells the end of Marsh! Oh my word. Did he think the ball was going to Maxwell’s end? The Victorian flogged a drive out towards the fence at deep extra cover and there was always three in it but Marsh really lumbered back to the strikers’ end and perhaps thought Yadav’s rocket arm would be heading to the ‘danger’ end where Maxwell was heading. It wasn’t and with a smart take at the bails by Dhoni he’s gone!

India’€™s MS Dhoni takes the bails as Mitchell Marsh perishes to a dreaded run-out.
India’€™s MS Dhoni takes the bails as Mitchell Marsh perishes to a dreaded run-out. Photograph: Mal Fairclough/AAP

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9.55am GMT

35th over: Australia 202-4 (Maxwell 32, M Marsh 17)

There’s a big lbw shout against Maxwell here but it hit both the pitch and his pad outside the line of off stump, so Umpire Simon Fry has no problem giving it the thumbs down. There’s a slightly better appeal against Marsh but it’s missing leg and then Ishant turns a dot ball into a two with a sloppy piece of fielding at mid-on. India’s intent is excellent here, but the execution is momentarily off. Don’t correct it quickly and this could slip away fast.

9.53am GMT

34th over: Australia 199-4 (Maxwell 31, M Marsh 15)

Not a heap going on in this over but it does finish with a sustained blast of this gem at the end, which is never a bad thing. Australia need 97 runs from 96 deliveries now.

Depeche Mode – Just Can’t Get Enough

9.46am GMT

33rd over: Australia 194-4 (Maxwell 28, M Marsh 13)

“India can go bang bang and it’s massively game on here” says Brett Lee. I’m not sure it qualifies as a sentence but it’s certainly an arresting combination of words to consider. Umesh Yadav was growing in confidence as his first spell progressed and he’s back now for another, but does Marsh a big favour by whanging a half-tracker a good two feet down the leg side. Marsh tucks it around the corner for four and glances the next to the same rope. Oh dear.

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9.43am GMT

32nd over: Australia 185-4 (Maxwell 27, M Marsh 5)

Maxwell is such a master of improvisation when he’s in form and there’s a wonderful moment here when he shapes to play Ishant for a conventional shot but adjusts on the run to ramp a short one over the vacant slip region and pick up four. He’s taking charge in the early stages of this partnership.

Glenn Maxwell has been at his inventive best early in his innings at the MCG.
Glenn Maxwell has been at his inventive best early in his innings at the MCG. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

9.38am GMT

31st over: Australia 178-4 (Maxwell 21, M Marsh 5)

There’s a decent amount of pressure on Glenn Maxwell here but you wouldn’t know it from the way he calmly lofts the returning Sran over long-on for a boundary here. Marsh goes even better, leaning into a full one from Sran and creaming it along the ground for four to long-on. That fizzed away to the fence.

9.35am GMT

30th over: Australia 167-4 (Maxwell 15, M Marsh 0)

He’s been crying out for a chance all summer and now Mitchell Marsh gets it, wandering to the crease to replace his brother with plenty of work still to be done.

9.33am GMT

WICKET! Marsh c Dhoni b Ishant Sharma 62 (Australia 167-4)

Ishant gets Marsh! The lefty looks to glide to third man but instead edges straight into the gloves of Dhoni behind the wicket. Ishant is cock-a-hoop and well he might be. If the complexion of this game hadn’t already changed then it’s almost tipped in favour of India now!

9.28am GMT

29th over: Australia 162-3 (Marsh 61, Maxwell 11)

Well it didn’t take long for Glenn Maxwell to unfurl a switch-hit as he looks to immediately employ his expanded repertoire of shots. One is battered away through his conventional point for four and there’s eight from the over as he gets moving. Bill Lawry doesn’t like it and brays at Mark Nicholas’ suggestion that switch-hitting is a “bit of fun”.

“We’re not talking about fun, we’re talking about whether it’s right or wrong” protests Bill. He’s a treasure.

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9.27am GMT

28th over: Australia 154-3 (Marsh 61, Maxwell 4)

Ishant’s back or another trundle and it’s much better stuff than he offered up earlier so there’s only three runs to Maxwell from the over.

Ishant Sharma fires one down.
Ishant Sharma fires one down. Photograph: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

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9.19am GMT

27th over: Australia 151-3 (Marsh 61, Maxwell 1)

Oooooft, now Maxwell almost perishes at the hands of Jadeja and Dhoni as he launches into an enthusiastic drive and looks back to see that the Indian keeper has whipped off the bails. Replays reveal his foot was always home but it was a nervy few seconds there. Maxwell gets off the mark but again Jadeja has forced the breakthrough.

Maxwell is wearing the baseball-style cap, to be clear.

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9.16am GMT

WICKET! Bailey stumped Dhoni b Jadeja 23 (Australia 150-3)

Bailey is stumped by Dhoni! STOP. PRESS! And it’s lightning-fast work from the Indian captain after Jadeja teases Bailey out of his ground and sends one past his outside edge. That’s a huge wicket for India. Glenn Maxwell will be under the pump here. Maybe this chase isn’t as straightforward as I’d assumed.

MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja celebrate the wicket of George Bailey.
MS Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja celebrate the wicket of George Bailey. Photograph: Mal Fairclough/AAP

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9.14am GMT

26th over: Australia 150-2 (Marsh 61, Bailey 23)

Single, single, single, single. Again, I’m not swiping right here. Australia are just finding runs that easily. This Jadeja over finishes with, yep, you guessed it, a single.

9.13am GMT

25th over: Australia 145-2 (Marsh 59, Bailey 20)

“The bowling is so…sort of…mixed…” says Nine’s Mark Nicholas, trying to find a positive spin on things. He’s subsequently belted for six by Bill Lawry. “The bowling is rubbish,” interjects the plain-speaking doyen of the box. Brilliant stuff.

9.10am GMT

24th over: Australia 142-2 (Marsh 57, Bailey 19)

Good umpiring calls are always worth pointing out I suppose and Richard Kettleborough has a ripper here when he refuses to give George Bailey out when he appears to flick one around the corner to Dhoni, nor call the ball a wide. The noise? A flick of Bailey’s leg and the ump knew it. Either side of it there’s a boundary through cover to Bailey and later Marsh creams an even better drive to the fence.

Australia’s Shaun Marsh is humming along in pursuit of India’s 295.
Australia’s Shaun Marsh is humming along in pursuit of India’s 295. Photograph: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

9.07am GMT

23rd over: Australia 133-2 (Marsh 53, Bailey 14)

Only two runs from this Jadeja over as the all-rounder continues to zip through them at a rapid rate. Would he not be better slowing things down just a touch and trying to produce another peach like the ball that got Smith? Just a thought.

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9.04am GMT

Shaun Marsh brings up his half-century

22nd over: Australia 131-2 (Marsh 52, Bailey 13)

Shaun Marsh now brings up his 50 off the bowling of Dhawan. It came from 53 deliveries, featured 5 fours and he looks well set to bat all night. Is he even sweating yet? It’s been one of his most effortless knocks in memory. Worse for India is the misfield by Shikhar Dhawan down on the boundary to finish this over, which gifts four to Bailey.

Australia’s batsman Shaun Marsh hasn’t had to do a lot of leaving in his half-century tonight.
Australia’s batsman Shaun Marsh hasn’t had to do a lot of leaving in his half-century tonight. Photograph: Saeed Khan/AFP/Getty Images

9.00am GMT

21st over: Australia 124-2 (Marsh 49, Bailey 9)

Clang! Bailey skips down the wicket to Jadeja and hammers him down to long-on for four and there’s a couple of singles in the over too. He’s certainly not going to let the spinner dictate terms.

8.58am GMT

20th over: Australia 118-2 (Marsh 48, Bailey 4)

Oof, Bailey’s almost run himself out here and again it was Ravi Jadeja making things happen with a rocket-armed throw to the bowler’s end but it’s just wide of the timber so a lunging Bailey survives.

8.54am GMT

19th over: Australia 113-2 (Marsh 46, Bailey 1)

George Bailey is in super form at the moment and arrives at the crease with a single to get off the mark. He’s got another significant innings ahead of him if he’s willing and able.

8.53am GMT

WICKET! Smith c Rahane b Jadeja 41 (Australia 112-2)

Smith goes! And it’s Ravi Jadeja who makes something happen after drinks, tempting the Aussie skipper into a prod and with a thick outside edge he’s presented a simple catch to Rahane at slip. That’s a gem by Jadeja to jag a breakthrough. Game on?

India’s Ravi Jadeja celebrates the wicket of Steve Smith.
India’s Ravi Jadeja celebrates the wicket of Steve Smith. Photograph: Mal Fairclough/AAP

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8.48am GMT

Drinks – Australia are right on top in their chase

18th over: Australia 108-1 (Marsh 43, Smith 39)

I hope there’s something a little stronger than normal in India’s refreshments because they need a gee-up here. Another game is slipping through their fingers with each passing over. Whether it bothers them much is another thing to ponder.

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8.46am GMT

17th over: Australia 103-1 (Marsh 40, Smith 38)

This is a better over from Dhawan in that he limits the scoring to three runs but also doesn’t particularly look like making a breakthrough. This is room temperature cricket from India.

Shaun Marsh cuts in front of MS Dhoni.
Shaun Marsh cuts in front of MS Dhoni. Photograph: Darrian Traynor/Getty Images

8.41am GMT

16th over: Australia 100-1 (Marsh 40, Smith 35)

There’s a real monotony about the boundary ball that comes in each over now, though this one from Mann is a little unfortunate because he was the victim of a fielding error from Rohit Sharma at cover. Maybe it was a tough one to cut off but I think he could have done a little better.

8.39am GMT

15th over: Australia 95-1 (Marsh 40, Smith 30)

Smith takes a moment to adjust to Dhawan’s pace and then tickles a straight one down to fine leg for a boundary. Easy as you like. ‘Is this all you’ve got?’ seems to be his body language at the moment.

Steve Smith has started brightly for Australia.