March 25, 2023

My Nissan Leaf is highly charged because I cannot insure it.

I became a complete EV user after replacing my 1.6-litre diesel Volkswagen Golf with a Nissan Leaf six months ago.

When our insurance was renewed recently, the premium almost doubled from around £300 to more than £600. When asked why, the broker cited a lack of knowledge about electric vehicles as the reason.

I’m inclined to agree with the idea that drivers should drive sedately in an electric vehicle, as it pays to do so in a charge and save charge, and I suspect that drivers have less accidents pro rata. Leicester TB, The more I think about it, the more unfair I think it is, as it pays to drive sedately in an electric vehicle as you save charge and have fewer accidents.

It is wonderful to see you enjoying life behind the wheel of an electric vehicle. These vehicles are bound to become the future for all of us.

Your insurance premium has risen due to the fact that you have a new Leaf rather than an older Golf. Your premium would have increased if you replaced the older Golf with a new one, even if your personal premium did not. The leaf is in insurance group 20 alongside the VW’s 15. Because of this, the premium has risen.

It is not certain that the premium should be doubled, and we suggest you shop around a little more. The Moneysupermarket website is worth a look, and its expert, Kevin Pratt, offers some additional thoughts. Pay attention to whether you are insuring the batteries if they are.

Some electric vehicle buyers lease their batteries, and if you have it, it might already be covered by the lease company, so you may be doubling your coverage.

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