Shah Rukh Khan fears take over of Bollywood

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According to an  news website, he made the statement while meeting  star  who was in Mumbai to promote his film War Machine.

Shah Rukh  said, “If we don’t hone up few areas especially script writing, screenplay, marketing, professionalism and technology, we will be taken over by”

He added, “The language is becoming less and less of a barrier…There are more digital platforms and easy accessibility to content from all around the world.  has done, and we need to learn from them and adapt. There is big fear (of taking over .”

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SRK went on to say that there were  films like “Spider Man”, “Fast and the Furious” which did as well as any other action Hindi film.

“Language is no longer a barrier as the films are getting dubbed too. film industry has to change. We have a college to learn from..They has done it all we just have to adapt.” he added.

He went on to say that realizing ground realities are important.

Khan stated, “Keep it basic. You keep on doing things which (you wanted to do when you) started off with the urge to stay relevant, being normal, to reinvent yourself. The simple things which made you want to be an actor.”