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The social media owned mobile application of Whatsapp is effectively used to communicate with other people and sharing the information. It distributes so many indispensable terms and conditions to the user as well as the organization. It could be an efficient process to make a conversation through online. By using this mobile application we can transmit the text, multimedia media message, and GIF animated video etc. One can take mutual benefit through this service to the users as well as organizations.

WhatsApp is like another hand to its consumers. The user’s count has been increased up to one billion and it has become the first choice for everyone for the scenario of exchanging the texts, video clips or the audio clips. It gives a great feel of connected all the time and with the aid of the voice calling feature it has become convenient to reach out to anyone at any time. The easier access to the app has attracted a huge number of users. The app gives a great advantage of free and uninvited calls and the continuous messaging service made the youngsters to be addicted to this service.  WhatsApp is one of the best ways to be connected to each other globally.

The parent Company which is known as Facebook for WhatsApp, both have protected their new privacy policy. India is one of the greatest markets for both Facebook and WhatsApp, which is one of the major; reason that why Facebook wants to push its new privacy policy here. The information from the Indian users could be attractive for the company. It is said to be that the rules and regulations in India are said to be non-existent one.

The New Feature in WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature known as the pin chats feature specifically for all the Android users. This feature in WhatsApp allows the folks to pin the wanted chats. With aid of the new feature, the gigantic messaging service allows the users can pin up to a minimum number of contacts up to three on the top of the other conversations. With the help of the pinned chats, there is no any need for the scrolling through the huge list of the conversations so that people can text family members or friends or colleagues.

The folks can pin up to three of the most personal chats in order to chat to the top of their chat list for an easier access. There are many options available such as Delete, Mute, and Archive etc. One of the greatest advantages of this amazing feature is that once a person pins a conversation it will remain on the top of the chat list. The folks can view any new chats or the conversations which follow the pinned chats. One can also unpin the WhatsApp chat if he/she prefers to do.

The gigantic messaging service is making convenient for the folks in order to keep the most important messages in an acumen condition. Recently, Facebook is the parent company of WhatsApp has added this new feature and it is currently available only for the beta users. The users with the latest version can enjoy the new feature. A few months before the feature were in its testing stage and now it is launched on both Android and iOS.

At the initial stage, the feature was rolled out to the Android users and only the iOS users received on this feature. This is the exact scenario how WhatsApp rolls out its new features. The famous social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have already captured this feature a few years back. The groups which are formed in the Facebook has the capability to pin an important post at the top side of the web page, but unfortunately, this feature is not available for the individual Facebook users.

On the other side of the coin, the folks who are in Twitter can pin the posts on their respective profile. Android was the first one to give a statement about the WhatsApp pin post feature. One cannot pin more than three chats. The maximum count is up to three. The greatest burden of scrolling down the long chat list for the users can be reduced.

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How does this new feature work?

At the initial stage open the WhatsApp Messenger for the Android or for the iOS mobile phones. Then give a press without any break on the most frequently contacted chat. Many options will appear such as delete, mute, and archive icons on the profile screen. The press on the Pin icon, after that the particular conversation will be pinned on the profile screen.

Siri- An Artificial Intelligence

The advancement in technology is growing each and every day so that one needs not to read any WhatsApp messages. If a person is using iPhone, he/she can simply ask the Siri to read the received messages received from friends, colleagues, and family. The iOS gigantic messaging consumers will be able to perform all the functions like reading, write and also send the WhatsApp messages through the Siri.

To get the most recent update, the user should go to the iOS device and click on the software update. By updating from the app store, it shows the new update and brings a list of features on the board. The real fact is that WhatsApp update is about 89 Mb in size and there come major four key updates. The first update is that it brings the ability to Siri so that one can read all the latest WhatsApp messages that a person have received.

One can also ask the artificial intelligence to read the favorite contact messages and the iOS assistant will do the needful. The application Siri and WhatsApp have a tie up in order to attain a good profit and for a tremendous growth. Actually, this is not the first time that Siri in collusion with WhatsApp has disclosed a new feature. WhatsApp lets the users compose and send the WhatsApp messages through Siri.

In order to read the message received, just order Siri in order to read the unread messages and the artificial intelligence will follow your instructions.  On the other side of the coin, in order to compose and send the messages just say the message the person wish to send to the contact. Siri will compose in its unique way and the jus says a word say the name of the contact. This artificial intelligence makes sure that message is sent without any pain of typing.

WhatsApp is working on several features such as visual enhancement to the contacts information, calls tab, group information screen etc. In addition to this, the update will also allow a person to select the multiple statuses in the My Updates screen, which allows a person further to forward it to another person or delete it. Recently, the gigantic messaging service has also bought support for the Persian Language. The update is also available for the folks with iOS of the latest version. WhatsApp is working on in order to bring the features to Android and in future, it may hit the Play Store in an efficient manner.

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