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Published On: Tue, Sep 10th, 2019

Bugatti to sell a car that can go over 300 miles per hour

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Bugatti to sell a car that can go over 300 miles per hour
Not long after announcing that a modified prototype of its Bugatti Chiron went nearly 305 miles an hour on a test track, Bugatti told some of its best customers that it would make a similar version of the car for them to buy. Bugatti says it is the first production auto manufacturer to make a car that has exceeded 300 miles per hour.
Only 30 of these cars will be made and the price, considering that this is a record-setting Bugatti, is surprisingly low. The Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+ will cost just $3.9 million. That’s less than $1 million more than the standard Bugatti Chiron, which costs about $3.2 million. It’s also much less than some of Bugatti’s recent limited edition models, like the Divo, which costs $6 million, and the Centodieci, which goes for $9 million. Only 10 of the Centodieci will be made. There’s also La Voiture Noire, of which only one will ever be made for a cost of $19 million, including taxes, making it the most expensive new car ever sold.

The 16-cylinder engine in the Super Sport 300+, although largely the same as the one in the Chiron, is tuned to produce 1600 horsepower, 100 more than the base car. (It’s worth noting that these are European horsepower measurements. Horsepower figures, as calculated in the US, are slightly lower.)

Bugatti worked with the race car manufacturer Dallara to create a special version of the Chiron.

To optimize aerodynamics, the Super Sport 300+ has a longer body than the standard Chiron. The exhaust pipes have also been repositioned to improve air flow past the back of the car.

As unveiled, the car’s black color isn’t paint but visible carbon fiber except for the bright orange stripes. Customers can get the car in any color they like, though.

These 30 road cars won’t be exactly like the one Bugatti test driver Andy Wallace drove on the test track when the car hit 305 miles an hour, though. For one thing, they will have two seats instead of one, and they won’t have the full crash-protecting roll cage Wallace’s car had.