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Published On: Thu, Sep 12th, 2019

10 Best TV Dramas for Teen Girls

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10 Best TV Dramas for Teen Girls

a teenage girl can be a rollercoaster of an experience – and what
better way to go through all those highs and lows than with relatable
TV characters who are going through it all, but much more dramatic?
Here are the top dramas that teenage girls need to watch.

Pretty Little Liars

better than an invincible and cute girl gang? One that solves
mysteries better than the FBI, obviously. Pretty Little Liars is
about 4 teens who attempt to uncover the mysterious and sinister “A”
who killed off their BFF, but that’s just the beginning of the
blackmail, murder, and the rest of the drama.

Gilmore Girls

nothing quite as cathartic as sitting down with a pint of ice cream
and the fast talking, quirky Gilmore girls. The show might be a few
years old, but it’s a timeless classic that all mothers and
daughters can relate to as time goes on.

Gilmore Girls | 10 Best TV Dramas for Teen Girls | Her Beauty

Gossip Girl

and Serena were all of our friendship goals – they got into fights,
then spent thousands of their parents dollars on Fendi bags and Gucci
outfits to make themselves feel better. This show was as much about
the fashion as it was the drama – runway outfits, arguments over
hot boys and cutting dialogue? This was a pioneer of the edgy teen
drama world.

Gossip girl | 10 Best TV Dramas for Teen Girls | Her Beauty

The Vampire Diaries

don’t know what it is about vampires that makes girls go weak in
the knees – it must be that irresistible combination of him being a
bad boy, but also not being a human man at all, since those tend to
have their faults. Nina Dobrev and her smoldering baes were quite the
competition for Edward and Bella.

The Vampire diaries | 10 Best TV Dramas for Teen Girls | Her Beauty

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