March 25, 2023
February 24 BREAKING Russia invades Ukraine

On the morning of this Thursday, February 24, Europeans woke up to the news that Russia was carrying out a military operation in Ukraine. In kyiv and other parts of the Ukrainian territory, citizens woke up startled by the sound of explosions. Russia had started the war.

The president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, breaks relations with Russia and declares martial law. He assures that the Army is fighting against the invasion and asks citizens to stay home and remain calm.

His Cabinet reported that more than 40 soldiers have died and dozens of wounded are recorded. Of course, the West strongly condemned the Moscow attack. The United States and the EU announced a new package of sanctions. The 27 are meeting urgently in Brussels to apply the most forceful sanctions in the history of the EU, as stated by the head of European diplomacy, Joseph Borrell.

The rapid evolution of the attack points to a large-scale invasion, and neighboring countries, which are members of NATO, say they feel threatened. For this reason they have convened an extraordinary summit after requesting the activation of article 4 of the Alliance.

Oil and gas prices skyrocket and stock markets plummet. President Vladimir Putin’s decision has dragged Europe into a conflict not seen since World War II.

In the main capitals, Ukrainians have come out very early to protest against the Russian attack, as you can see in these images recorded in Berlin. From abroad they organize to send medicine and food to Ukraine.

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