With the virus rampaging across the world and so many deaths, mourning is a natural emotional reaction to a shared life experience. Everyone mourns in their own special way and at their own pace (which is sometimes not linear).

However, as often as not, we can become stuck in feelings (such as remorse, anxiety, frustration, and so on), behaviours, and even mental problems that significantly reduce our quality of life. It is important to pursue grief counselling to help you correct your path.

Grieving does not have to be an isolated experience that is carried out alone. Seeking grief counselling could be one of the key life-changing actions you can do to turn your life around.

The following three advantages of grief counselling are focused on decades of business experience and true outcomes that I’ve directed previous clients towards.

Treating PTSD

This type of therapy can help people transition from a post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) pathway to post-traumatic development. Post-traumatic growth may include a variety of positive attributes and experiences, which are described as:

  • ‘feeling better and discovering secret talents and strengths; this improves an individual’s self-concept and gives them courage to face new challenges, for example, if I can overcome this, I can overcome anything.
  • Healthy relationships are improved, as shown by how people often talk of “finding out which one their true friends are” after an injury; and,
  • Goals and philosophies about the present and other people change, for example, enjoying the moment and prioritizing your loved ones.

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Time heals

It helps people realize that it is not time that cures anything, but rather healing that heals. Individuals are engaged and empowered because they are using their own healing ability rather than becoming a victim of time.

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It is natural to feel grief

It shows us a true understanding of sorrow and its natural order. Changing people’s perceptions of grief from an unjust and traumatic event to grief as a natural part of the human experience can be very strong and revealing.

Death is a human reality. When coping with grief, spiritual and religious beliefs can be extremely beneficial. Depending on the religionyou can discuss topics such as post-death contact, contact with loved ones who have died, and reincarnation.

Patients still guide these interactions and ideas, and their own values and framework are prioritized as a means of facilitating their own healing. Before broaching these subjects, be patient and careful to consider the counsellor’s world, and always collaborate for and appreciate the counsellors’ beliefs. For instance, do no try to impose Buddhist values on anyone of Christian faith.

For whatever cause, you might be afraid to seek grief counselling. You might also believe that too much time has elapsed since your loved one’s death for it to be useful. But I urge you to reconsider. Even getting the ability to share with someone else will help you develop and improve.