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Matt Damon Begrudgingly Accepts $50 In eBay Auction For ‘The Martian’ Cast And Crew Jacket

LOS ANGELES—Visibly annoyed after his auction closed with a winning bid far below his expectations, actor Matt Damon begrudgingly accepted $50 Monday from the eBay auction of his cast and crew jacket from the sci-fi thriller The Martian. “I sort of don’t want to part with my only memento from my time on that set, but I really need the cash,” said Damon, noting that other than a grape fruit juice stain on its left sleeve, the jacket was in near-mint condition and should sell for “way more” given its connection to a real Hollywood movie. “I had assumed there would be a bidding war or something, but almost no one bit. And I was banking on using the cash from this to cover my acting classes. As it is, I’m actually losing a little money on the whole thing. I should have never agreed to pay shipping on this.” Damon’s mood reportedly changed to anger after learning the person who bought the jacket resold the item in two days later for $475.

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