No matter how diligent you are with your maintenance, it is inevitable that crane repairs will be needed. With all those moving parts, cranes can’t last forever. Regular maintenance will allow these repairs to be made before the situation becomes dire, helping to extend the time between any parts needing to be replaced.

A substandard crane can harm your business in more ways than one. If a repair is required and not competently completed, the equipment can become incredibly dangerous. The height of a crane and the weight of the parts or the load can do some major damage to other equipment in a workplace, and can even result in serious injury. Any of these outcomes would also leave a large financial dent in your business. Therefore, it’s vital that your crane repairs are done by someone you can trust.

Australian Standards and the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association

Australia has strict standards when it comes to Occupational Health and Safety. Safety in the workplace is a high priority, and stringent rules and regulations must be adhered to. That’s why you need to choose a professional company that’s familiar with the Australian standards relating to crane repairs and knows what is required to achieve compliance.

The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is an organisation that oversees the lifting equipment industry. They provide training for their members and technicians, as well as regularly auditing and checking that they comply with Australian standards. If your technician is a member, you’ll know they are trained in crane repairs and meet Australian standards.

Range of Services

Before choosing a company to complete your crane repairs, find out what range of cranes they service. Choosing a company that is able to service a wide range of makes and models will save you the time it will otherwise take to find a specialist. This also means you can use the same trusted company across all of your lifting equipment. A good repair company should have experience with all sorts of equipment, including:

·         Vehicle loading cranes

·         Tower cranes

·         Telescopic handlers

·         Mobile cranes

·         Self-erecting tower cranes

·         Personnel hoists

·         Portable boom cranes

·         Mobile elevating work platforms

·         Material hoists

·         Concrete placing units

·         Derrick cranes

·         Bridge and gantry cranes

Other Factors

There are more factors to consider than just whether a company is capable of performing repairs or not. All reputable companies that offer crane repairs will have the correct qualifications and training, but there are other factors to consider that are not standard across the board.

24 hour emergency services are necessary for many businesses. The 9 to 5 business is almost a thing of the past, and it is often important to get repairs done outside of business hours. A company that is can offer 24/7 emergency services therefore has an advantage over one that cannot. The last thing you want to do is put your business on hold while your machinery is out of operation.

A crane repair technician that has spare parts on hand will speed up the process. It’s worth finding out whether a company is likely to have to order parts in or if they keep their own spare parts. The difference this can make is huge, as it means you can go back to business as usual as soon as possible.

Once you’ve picked a crane technician, it could be worth considering them for your regular maintenance. Using the same reputable and trusted company saves you from shopping around and means you have someone that knows your machinery intimately