How to Choose the Best Fragrance for You?

How do you choose a scent that suits you? There are many kinds of perfumes out there but not all of them agree with you. You might come across famous names but they might be either too weak or too strong for you. Some, you might find just not your type. So how do you shop for the right scent? Keep reading to find out.

Learn about the Type of Fragrances

Firstly, do you know how many types and kinds of scents are out there? If you know this, it is easier for you to choose what you like. If not, you need to find out a little about them.  Here are some of the famous scent types; if you want something that smells refreshing and vibrant,

Optfor citrusy scents – these are usually made with lemon or mandarin scents. If citrus is too zesty for you, then there are water fragrances made with scents such as sea spray. The other type is floral scents. As the name suggests they give off a scent that is sweet and flowery.

Another type is woody scents. These could either be mossy woods with an earthly undertone or dry woods with a smokey tone. Ones that smell like sandalwood or cedar wood are example scents for this category. The oriental one is another type and caries scents such as the smell of incense or spices.

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Don’t Try Many Scents at Once

Smelling and trying out different scents is a great way to make the right choice. Smells one perfume more than once to really understand the scent it gives. Try spraying a little onto your hand and see how it smells on you. Stores always keep testers so this is not going to be difficult. But if you smell too many scents in one shopping trip, this can get messy. Too many scents can actually make it difficult to decipher exactly what you smell or if you really like it. So give your senses a break and try only three or four at once.

How the Scent Evolves

There is the smell of the perfume that you first get when you open a bottle but with time this scent gradually fades or changes. The top note, or the smell that comes off when you spray it for the first time, lasts only about twenty minutes.

The heart note or the middle note is the smell that starts to emerge after the top note evaporates. A heart note lasts for around four hours. So, when you are trying, see how you like the evolution of the smell of the perfumes you choose. If you are trying it one your skin, then try it on different parts of your hands so that the smells do not mix.

Shopping online

When you are shopping for perfumes online, you cannot try the scent. But you can still use your knowledge on the scent types to decide what you need to choose. Choose lighter scents like floral or citrusy if your other body products give off a stronger smell. This will keep too many strong smells from mixing up. Also think of your daily routine. For example, if you are someone who has a job where you constantly need to wash your hands (chef, medical field or artist) then lighter scents will not last too long on you. Perfumes are often applied on wrists and therefore this will not work for you.

Instead of the famous perfumes and luxury brands, focus on what you really like and what really suits your lifestyle!

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