The year 2020 towards 2021 is marked by a very dark shadow of unease and uncertainty across the world. This negative stigma is not only limited to the society, but also with the business sector as well. When the pandemic strikes the world, not one was spared because everyone was affected in one way or another.  But amidst these dark times is the rise of many businesses that are considered to be underrated in the business sector. Here are some of underrated businesses that thrived in the darkest times in economic History.

Selling Books

The sales of books on any form from standard printed to pdf digital books and audio books, has seen a rapid increase and rise of sales all over the world. The reason for such is that during the lockdowns people went back to one of the most basic pastimes that they had and that is book reading.

Also, during the pandemic and the series of lockdowns people sought a more enjoyable means of recreation that also helps develop their sense of character and what best way to do that is through reading books. Also, with the rise of digitalized education, many universities sell books on pdf formats, making it easier for students to hoard buy books because it doesn’t take up much space.

Trucking Services

Trucking and logistics have seen a revival since many of the goods delivered today are essential goods and with the influx of demands with the rise of courier services and delivery services, trucking and logistics businesses are thriving today. Such business boom has become apparent since banks have also seen a rise of truck loans and transactions across many countries.

truck loans
Image Source: Unsplash

This seemed to point out that with the demand growing so will the supply of trucks for logistics and delivery continue to soar. This business model has saved thousands of lives by delivering essential goods and raw materials even amidst the ongoing pandemic.


In many countries they pulled out many of their workers abroad, such is the case of many countries whose main export is human labour. And because of these huge pull-outs of human labour, many countries and their industries found it hard to cope with the less labour services and for those foreign workers that are being pulled out many of them will come home with no jobs and means of earning at all. Thus, the rise of farming and agrarian businesses started, with nothing to do, many of these displaced workers are now tilling the land of raising small-scale livestock to earn.

Garbage Processing

Even before the pandemic this type of business model is frowned upon by many because not everyone has the guts and courage to venture into such a business, but as the saying goes another man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and it is proven to be true in this business enterprise. Garbage processing is a goldmine according to many business owners. These processing plants earn through recycled scraps, fertilizers, and even gardening soil. Imagine spending less for a business that earns three ways and three folds.

These businesses may have been considered underrated and some of it may be look down upon but in it profit is being made.