More Than 100 Troops Have Brain Injuries From Iran Missile Strike, Pentagon Says

More than 100 American service members have traumatic brain injuries from Iranian airstrikes on Al Asad Air Base in Iraq in January, the Defense Department said, a number that was more than 50 percent higher than previously disclosed. Of the 109 troops who have been diagnosed with brain injuries, 76 had returned to duty, officials […]

‘Abandoned and Forgotten’: Jailed Academic Writes of Despair in Iran

LONDON — “I am entirely alone in Iran,” she wrote in one letter. “In addition to all the pain I have endured here, I feel like I am abandoned and forgotten.” Those words were written by a British-Australian academic, Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who has been held in an Iranian prison for more than a year — […]

U.S. and Iran Are Trolling Each Other — in China

BEIJING — They accuse each other of inciting violence. They denounce one another as corrupt. They call each other terrorists. As tensions between the United States and Iran persist after the American killing of a top Iranian general this month, the two countries are waging a heated battle in an unlikely forum: the Chinese internet. […]

Public Disapproval Of Iran Approach Convinces Trump To Reverse Soleimani Killing

WASHINGTON—Backtracking in light of recent polls that indicate public dismay over his handling of Iran, President Trump announced Wednesday he was moving forward with a plan to reverse the killing of top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani. “I have overturned the decision to assassinate Gen. Soleimani and ordered our military to rescind the Jan. 3 drone […]

Europe’s Gamble: Can It Save Iran Deal by Threatening to Kill It?

Mr. Johnson and his government support the nuclear deal and collaborated on a statement with France and Germany on Tuesday that said “we are not joining a campaign to implement maximum pressure on Iran.” On Tuesday, Mr. Johnson urged new talks with Washington and Tehran to try to negotiate a “Trump deal” to supplant the […]

Democrats Agree Trump Is Racing to War With Iran, but Are Vague on Alternative Strategy

The exchanges were all the more notable because until Tuesday night, foreign policy had been a side show in the 2020 campaign. But the targeted killing of the Iranian commander Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani this month ended the moment when the six Democratic candidates could avoid addressing some of the most complex and intractable conflicts […]

Protests in Iran: Rage Over Downed Jet, as Lawmakers Demand Accountability

Widespread anger at the Iranian government for shooting down a passenger plane and then misleading the public about it simmered for a third day on Monday, with the police and protesters facing off in at least two cities and increasing demands from lawmakers for accountability. After days of denials, Iran acknowledged Saturday that it had […]

Iran, Trade, Harry and Meghan: Your Tuesday Briefing

(Want to get this briefing by email? Here’s the sign-up.) Good morning. We’re covering Iran’s economic challenges, a Russian hack in Ukraine and a rebranding campaign in the Netherlands. Could conflict jump-start Iran’s economy? Protests against Iran’s clerical rulers entered their third day on Monday, amid widespread anger at the government for shooting down a […]

Trump Warns Iran as Risk of Wider Armed Conflict Grows

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — President Trump toughened his rhetoric toward Iran on Tuesday, saying the country would “be held fully responsible” for the attack by Iraqi demonstrators on the United States Embassy compound in Baghdad, an assault that Mr. Trump said was directed by Tehran. “This is not a Warning, it is a Threat. […]

The fight for Iraq’s future – Elites backed by Iran are clinging to power in Iraq | Middle East and Africa

Dec 5th 2019 THE TOMB of a dead Shia cleric might seem an odd target for Iraqi protesters angry about corruption, poor governance and a lack of jobs. Muhammad Baqr al-Hakim resisted Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s old dictator, and helped to create the modern state. But he also had close ties to Iran, which has assisted […]

How Chase Bank Chairman Helped the Deposed Shah of Iran Enter the U.S.

One late fall evening 40 years ago, a worn-out white Gulfstream II jet descended over Fort Lauderdale, Fla., carrying a regal but sickly passenger almost no one was expecting. Crowded aboard were a Republican political operative, a retinue of Iranian military officers, four smelly and hyperactive dogs and Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the newly deposed shah […]

American Student Freed by Iran Calls for Nations to Release Political Hostages

WASHINGTON — An American graduate student from Princeton University who had been imprisoned for three and a half years in Iran called on Monday for all nations to free their political prisoners. The student, Xiyue Wang, was released by Iran on Dec. 7 in a prisoner swap in Switzerland. In exchange, the United States handed […]

Iran Says It Was Hit With ‘Very Big’ Cyberattack

Iran’s government has acknowledged that it faced a “very big” cyberattack, following a report in The New York Times this week that information from 15 million Iranian bank accounts was stolen and published online after widespread street protests were crushed in November. Iran’s telecommunication minister, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi — who had previously dismissed the […]

U.S. Turns Up Pressure on Iran With Sanctions on Transportation Firms

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Wednesday that the United States plans to impose new sanctions on Iran’s largest shipping company and a major airline for what he said were their roles in transporting material for the country’s ballistic missile and nuclear programs. “Today’s designations put the world on notice: Those who engage […]

In Prisoner Swap, Iran Frees American Held Since 2016

As part of a “maximum pressure campaign,” Mr. Trump has targeted the country with severe economic sanctions. The president, who withdrew from the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal, has said he hopes to negotiate with Tehran over its nuclear program and regional aggression. On Wednesday, Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, reiterated that Iran would be prepared to […]

Iran Used Firearms in Deadly Crackdown on Protesters, Officials Admit

Two weeks after protests gripped Iran — and quickly turned deadly — the government has acknowledged that security officers used firearms to quell the widespread demonstrations but it has denied unofficial accounts that hundreds were killed. Iran’s state television confirmed on Monday night that security forces had shot and killed protesters who had taken refuge […]