Canadian Police Move Against Pipeline Blockades, Arresting Dozens

OTTAWA — The Canadian police on Monday began moving against protesters who had set up transportation blockades around the country in sympathy with an Indigenous group’s campaign to halt construction of a natural gas pipeline to Canada’s West Coast. The blockades affected at least 19,500 rail passengers, according to Via Rail Canada, and 200 freight […]

YouTube Will Police Political Videos More Closely

As the 2016 election begins in earnest with Monday’s Iowa caucuses, YouTube is cracking down on election-related disinformation in an attempt to protect users. Google’s video-sharing site has long had policies barring deceptive practices and engagement manipulation, but in a blog post on Monday, the company specified that the rules would also apply to a […]

U.K. Police Shoot Man in a ‘Terrorist-Related’ Incident

LONDON — A man was shot by police officers after a number of people were stabbed in South London on Sunday, in what the authorities described as a “terrorist-related” incident. The conditions of the man and those stabbed were not immediately clear. The Metropolitan Police wrote on Twitter on Sunday that they believed that “a […]

London Police to Start Using Facial-Recognition Cameras

LONDON—Scotland Yard said it will begin using live facial-recognition technology in London to help identify criminal suspects, drawing criticism from privacy advocates who say such tools give the government too much power to track and monitor citizens. The decision comes as the European Union considers following some U.S. cities in banning the technology’s use altogether, […]

New Jersey Bars Police From Using Clearview Facial Recognition App

New Jersey police officers are now barred from using a facial recognition app made by a start-up that has licensed its groundbreaking technology to hundreds of law enforcement agencies around the country. Gurbir S. Grewal, New Jersey’s attorney general, told state prosecutors in all 21 counties on Friday that police officers should stop using the […]

Brutal facts – France admits its police are too violent | Europe

Jan 23rd 2020 PARIS IN ONE VIDEO clip, filmed in the French capital on January 18th, a protester is pinned to the ground on his back and punched several times in the face by a policeman. In another, the previous week, a riot policeman shoots a rubber bullet into a protester at a range of […]

The year of the rat-fink – Some people in China help the party police the internet | China

Jan 18th 2020 THE INTERNET is the “spiritual home” of hundreds of millions of Chinese people. So China’s leader, Xi Jinping, described it in 2016. He said he expected citizens to help keep the place tidy. Many have taken up the challenge. In December netizens reported 12.2m pieces of “inappropriate” content to the authorities—four times […]

British Police Said Watch Out for Extremists — Like Climate Activists

LONDON — Be on the lookout, the British counterterrorism police warned, for young people being radicalized by extremists like neo-Nazis, militant Islamists, Satanists, white supremacists — and climate-change activists. The counterterrorism police reversed course soon after it came to light that they had published a brochure that lumped the group Extinction Rebellion, not to mention […]

Mexican Police Chief Arrested in Massacre of Mormon Family

MEXICO CITY — The police chief of a small town near Mexico’s border with the United States has been arrested on suspicion that he was involved in the massacre of nine women and children of a Mormon family last month, the Mexican authorities said Friday. The federal authorities arrested Fidel Alejandro Villegas, the police chief […]

Tourists Drowned at Pool in Spain Because They Couldn’t Swim, Police Say

LONDON — The deaths of a father and two children who drowned in a swimming pool at a resort in southern Spain this week were “a tragic accident” that came about because none of the victims knew how to swim, the authorities said on Friday. The victims, including a 9-year-old girl and a 16-year-old boy, […]

Mexico Calls Amplified Police Presence at Bolivia Embassy a ‘Siege’

LA PAZ, Bolivia — Amid a political crisis that has consumed the country for more than two months, the Bolivian police have stepped up their presence around the Mexican Embassy, which has given refuge to allies of the country’s former president, Evo Morales. The Mexican government said that the operation was “clearly meant to intimidate” […]

Where the Police Wear Masks, and the Bodies Pile Up Fast

BELÉM, Brazil — The masked gunmen pulled up to Wanda’s Bar at 3:49 p.m. on May 19 and began firing the moment they left their vehicles. Two people, including Wanda herself, died on the patio. Inside, the gunmen worked in silence: two in front, shooting unarmed patrons at the bar and in the main room, […]

Florida Police Officer Indicted on Federal Charges Alleging Sex Abuse and Kidnapping

A police officer in Florida was charged Friday with violating the civil rights of two women, one of them a minor, in separate episodes in 2015 that federal prosecutors said involved kidnapping, sexual abuse and threats of physical harm. F.B.I. agents arrested the officer, Jesus Manuel Menocal Jr., 32, a police sergeant in Hialeah, Fla., […]

Before Death, Juice WRLD Flew on Jet Loaded With Drugs, Police Say

When a private plane carrying the popular 21-year-old SoundCloud rapper Juice WRLD landed in Chicago after 1 a.m. on Sunday, law enforcement officials were waiting, having received information from a federal task force that guns and drugs might be onboard. It was during the subsequent early morning search of the plane and questioning of the […]

After Horrific Rape in India, Police Kill 4 Suspects

The suspects had been in custody for about a week as the young woman’s family, activists, ordinary citizens and powerful politicians called for them to be punished. Pressure was raised further after protests erupted in several cities and outrage over the young woman’s death swept across social media. On Friday, as the news spread that […]

Austrian Government to Turn Hitler’s Birth Home into Police Station to Deter Neo-Nazi Pilgrims

After a grueling decades-long legal battle, the birthplace of Adolf Hitler will soon be turned into a police station to repel potential neo-Nazi visitors. The house, which has belonged to the family of Gerlinde Pommer for several generations, has been a subject of controversy for the Austrian government not only because of its dark historical […]