So, since 8 years ago, in the world actively burst “Nout”. They immediately began to enjoy strong demand. Therefore, before discussing why not a laptop starts, let’s talk about what benefits are available for this technique. To begin with, this is that a laptop computer – a compact device that is able to replace the stationary PC. Pretty comfortable this is for those who do not have a lot of space in the apartment. The laptop even with the largest diagonal takes a small amount of space on the table. Another plus – it is possible. According to power laptop computers are not inferior to stationary brethren, sometimes even surpass them. Anyway, you see, the laptop is more convenient and practical – want to watch a movie lying on the sofa – please! I wanted the table – no problem! Quality “noutom” is not worse than desktop computers. But sometimes the problem may be – does not start the laptop. Let’s find out why this can happen and how to resolve it.

So, consider a fairly rare, but very sad because of the fact that the notebook does not start. You’re trying to turn his little “iron friend”, and he does not respond to your actions at all. That is an absolute vacuum. No noise, switching sounds, squeaks, squeals, the rustle, and clatter – only silence. If you asked yourself the question: “Do not run the laptop what to do?” – And faced with a complete lack of reaction thereof technology on all your futile attempts to turn it on, and then make sure the laptop is in good condition. Of course, this would be not so easy, as is the case with a stationary PC, but need to find out what is the cause of “death”. Take the laptop to a service center – where you will definitely say whether resuscitation to be your “laptop”. Another reason is that the laptop is not triggered, – is the absence of the battery and, consequently, no power supply to the equipment. So before you gather for service to begin, make sure that your outlet in perfect working order. Thus, before sounding the alarm, try to connect the laptop to different in the house. In addition, insert the battery into your laptop and allow it to recharge a bit. The fact is that the food is served, usually signaled by a special lighting. If it is not illuminated, the battery is out of whack. But a laptop can work without it but from the network. So do not panic immediately. If the laptop (e.g. Acer Aspire) has something wrong with the keyboard, you must get the Acer Aspire laptop keyboard replacement (e.g. Acer 5740 keyboard) and replace the old one.

It may also happen that the portable computer will not start, but the reaction to the manipulation still there. This is a good sign – it is not a technique, you do not need to buy a totally new laptop. Usually, the quite pleasing feature is the characteristic “squeaking” during the first seconds of switching on. What do they indicate? In general, there is a huge amount of literature that clearly describes all “beeps” and the reasons for their occurrence in the absence of a complete run of the computer. So if you turn on your portable devices, and it is on you “beeps”, release two: read the literature or referred to a service center.