About Us

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About UsSome Word “About Us”

Worldthenews.com is a news, information Web site includes magazine, e-newspaper and video news information. These news collected from local, country and global wise. We try to cover all category news for our visitor. This website founded by Mr. Muhammad Asif Hussain. He is a webmaster and content writer. He has 7 years experience in this field. In 2012 he decided to start a  news web blog for keeping an  update to people from all over the world and start a web site name: World The News. At the time of start he individual efforts to launch this project, but after 1.5 years, He organizes a team to work on group form. So now above 10 members working on this web and all of them are young and energetic. Some of the members are highly qualified and have some experience of content writing and situation analysis. In which 3 members are sociologist and know about the reality of communities, culture, and their interest.

This website contains information about the world’s news of Breaking, Latest, and Live News. In which includes entertainment, sports, marketing, politics, weather, Sci-tech, health, lifestyle, movies, burning issues, operation, business, legal and video news also much more news from other categories. This web site is divided into different part:

Till some links not available because our team is working on this. The collection of news for this site is main source is Associated Press and online news platform.

If someone interested to be a member of this team then he can easily join us. He can share their stories about writing your story and add their videos. Before writing and video uploading your need to register on this site.

We always need your suggestion and recommendation for improving our ideal and world. So anyone from any location can contact us without any hesitation.

Thanks for your time.

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